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We believe in the strong set of values that is shared across the organisation and actively practiced by every member of staff. All our work is guided by these values

Be kind by

• Supporting our tenants. Inspire and empower them to live fully and promote their independence

• Take time to understand the individual person as well so that we give better care

Be accountable

• Be aware of your responsibilities as an individual as well as an organisation. Never shirk from your responsibility.

• Ensure tenants’ interests are protected and at the forefront of all that we do.

• Acknowledge and correct mistakes we may make

• Ensure our actions are transparent

Build Trust

• Deliver the highest quality service and a good standard of accommodation

• Honour our word, when we commit to do something.

• Be clear in your communication. Avoid language that may mislead

• Have integrity and do the right thing even when no one is checking

Be respectful

• Work with local communities and build long-term partnerships

• Encourage diversity and inclusion.

• Treat everyone with respect.